Fri. Jan 24th, 2020

10 Lines Jack or Better | Playtech

Every game has a winning formula, in every game you must either win or lose and there is something that you will do to win or lose. For you to win 10 Lines Jack or better game, you must acquire five-card poker hand which has the winning combination. This game is different when compared to the original Better and Jacks because it contains cards that should be placed in ten lines. On each line, a varying deck of cards is used. When determining any wins, all the lines are treated as separate hands. For a bigger and higher payout, the hand has to be better. One has to choose which and the number of his or her cards he or she wants to replace. Cards are only replaced once. This is how the game is played;

First, you have to choose and decide the coins’ value that you are willing to bet each round. This is done clicking the buttons that are located on the screen right side or + buttons. For the next step, click Bet Max or Bet One so that you can choose the total number of the coins that you are willing to bet. Every time you click at the Bet One button, another coin is added to your bet. Every time you click the Bet Max button, your bet is increased maximally- fives coins per every line and cards are dealt with automatically.

If you want to, a paytable is provided where you can click at the right column for you to denote the total number of the coins per line. You also have to know that the bet size chosen is generally per every one line. From your account balance, the amount subtracted from it is single line bet multiplied by ten times because there are normally cards of ten lines. At the lower right corner of the Bet Screen window, you will get a chance to see the total bet amount. You can also click Deal. After you have decided on the cards that you want to keep, under the card, press Hold button. This game is amazing because it contains an auto-hold feature. This feature ensures that all the cards which make up or create the winning hand on an original deal are held up automatically.

For all those cards that you don’t want to hold, click Deal for the cards to be replaced. By clicking Deal, all the cards that you wanted replaced are done so and then those that are left are then checked if they contain winning combinations. These combinations are explained on the paytable. If you want to see it, click Paytable and click it again for you to close it. The winnings are only added up if the winning hands are in multiple lines. For the higher cards pair for example the Queens, that is considered as a winning combination.

The Jacks pair is mainly regarded as lowest winning combination while any lower cards pair, which is definitely a winning combination. 10 Lines of Jack or better is also a Progressive game; this means that it is a large and big jackpot mounts up because there are very many players all over the world placing their wagers. On the screen, there is a ticker where you can easily see the total amount of the jackpot.