Fri. Jan 24th, 2020

Betfair Casino Review

It is estimated that at least 4%-5% people in the world love gambling and that although the number may be higher in men than women; the symptoms are much more defined in women than in men. The result of a gambling addiction affects the gambler’s mental health, family relationships and most especially, their financial situation. Therefore responsible gambling is something that needs to be taken very seriously in order to help people who love gaming and sports betting, like live bets at Betfair, do it safely without affecting their lives and those around them or get them in financial difficulty.

The issue of responsible gambling will be taken more seriously when the casinos both offline and online are seen to be doing something to help combat gambling addiction among their patrons and members. Online betting and casino sites have an easier time than their offline counterparts doing this because they have direct contact with their members and may even know how much a member spends on their site.

One site has taken the responsibility of advocating for responsible gambling to the next level. Betfair is a betting exchange that opened its doors to the world in 1999, and has since become one of the leading betting exchanges in the world, serving over 950,000 members worldwide. They also have an online gaming casino and sports betting site that is dedicated to providing the best gaming experience to its members.

In the spirit of transparency, Betfair offers its customers extensive databases of frequently asked questions and help material such as videos to help a member with even the most basic of tasks on their site like withdrawal, cash deposits and showing them how to navigate the Betfair sports book. The site is also quite easy even for a beginner to navigate.  They make deposits and withdrawals easy so the gamer can just focus on their favorite pass time and their winnings.

It is their commitment to responsible gaming that is head and shoulders above their competition. They have incorporated numerous ways to help their members not overspend and wind up either in financial trouble or financial ruin. Betfair has also undertaken to help their members understand what responsible gaming really is and how a person can become addicted to gambling and what options are there for those affected.

To control how much a member spends on gambling, Betfair has come up with tools that will help a gambler know exactly how much they want to spend. Dubbed the budget calculator, this tool will help a gambler remain responsible in their spending and within the limits of the budget they have set for themselves. As a gambler you can sometimes lose control of your spending and not be aware of it and Betfair has created a self assessment test that you can take to see if you are losing control and then take measures to get on the right path.

The site goes further to explain the signs that family members should look out for in order to see if their loved one is suffering from gambling addiction and also provide options where members and their families can get help to avert this problem. Betfair also offers other tools such as automatically setting limits on a member’s account when the member requests them to and also set session timers to ensure that a member is only gambling for a specific period of time which can come in handy if you want to use gambling as a pastime. The site is very specific about disallowing minors from participating in gambling and gives advice to parents on how to make sure that young children are not on gambling sites.

Betfair has chosen to provide a safe environment for gamers to converge and pastime playing amazing games responsibly by doing their part in helping to deal with the issue of gambling addiction.

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